Meet the attorneys of Weber Law Group

Our attorney, Bradley Weber, spent his early careers working in one of the largest law firms in Utah County. There we began to develop the skills and knowledge that we use today to help businesses and individuals at Weber Law Group, PLLC. We were able to take the best parts of our time at a larger firm and combine them with the efficiencies and nimbleness of a boutique law firm when we established Weber Law Group, PLLC.

Our clients appreciate our ability to offer the high levels of effectiveness in an environment that allows for greater access for our clients, greater cost savings and an ability to generate solutions that are tailored to our clients' individual circumstances and needs. By having more direct contact with our clients we are able to develop a more nuanced understanding of what they are going through and what an optimal solution looks like for them.

While we are a smaller firm, we have been able to achieve the positive outcomes our clients need against the most challenging of situations. Our record of achievement has helped us develop a reputation for providing highly effective representation of which we are very proud.

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Weber Law Group, PLLC offers the skilled and highly effective representation you need to help resolve the legal matters you are facing. To schedule an initial consultation, call 801-653-0385 or contact us online.